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The natural variation in our raw ingredients causes slight variation from batch to batch. 

The plant oils nourish your skin at a cellular level. Enjoy.

Plastic free!

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Findhorn Flower Essences

Findhorn Flower Essences was founded by Marion Leigh in 1992 and has been a family run business ever since. All of their products are handmade with love and attunement by a team of people dedicated to the principles of healing. All of their flower essence products are made from organically grown, wild Scottish flowers, plants and trees and prepared in pure water. The products were developed in the heart of Findhorn following the disciplines of co-creation with nature and produced in accordance with Dr. Edward Bach’s original instructions and guidelines. Findhorn Flower Essences is situated in the heart of Findhorn and in the heart of the Foundation’s Cullerne Gardens. Many of the flowers used in preparing the essences are growing here.

Findhorn Sacred Mists

Sacred Mists harmonise our energies with our environment, with each mist containing a unique blend of:

Natural and Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils, which provide sensory stimulation together with;

Flower, Elemental and Gem Essences, which provide vibrational energetic healing.

Each mist comes in an easy-to-use spray format.

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