Herbs Of Grace Formula

Here are the truly amazing Herbs Of Grace formula designed by Farida Sharan. I am blessed to be taught by Bonny Casel at the School Of Natural Medicine UK and delighted to have the opportunity to make these formula www.herenowhealing.com.

For more information it is best to consult a practitioner or buy Farida's book 'Herbs of Grace' which is available on amazon. The formula are abbreviated here.

I use soil association organic herbs to create the nourishing blends and I ensure that the herbs are fresh, using high quality suppliers. We use Eco biodegradable packaging. The blends are nourishing food supplements. 

If pregnant or taking medication seek professional advice.

Students of The School Of Natural Medicine get a 10% discount. Either call 01947 606565 or email for the code. If you are a practitioner using the herbal formula for your clients you will qualify for the practitioner discount.